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Seventh CalPaleo Announcement: Saturday 23 April 2011
Last Reminder
CalPaleo 2011 Abstracts Due
Saturday 23 April 2011

The CalPaleo abstracts deadline was extended until tomorrow -- Saturday 23 April 2011 at midnight. You still have one more day – but only one more day -- to submit an abstract for a presentation (oral, poster, or both) at CalPaleo 2011. Monday 25 April 2011 the CalPaleo 2011 Organizing Committee will be finalizing the program. Right now there is still room for three 20-minute oral presentations and half a dozen posters. The next communication you receive from us will be the meeting program. Take advantage of this last chance opportunity and get your abstract(s) in before the program is finalized.

The abstracts received thus far run the gamut from vertebrate to invertebrate paleontology, with a couple on ichnofossils and plants. It looks like the meeting will have a nice mix of topics. There will be plenty to hold your interest and enhance your knowledge about California Paleontology. About half the abstracts are from students, the remainder from professionals.

Please submit your abstract(s) as a Word document attached to an e-mail. Send your abstract to CalPaleo@PaleoResource.com. In your e-mail message tell us whether your preference is to give a 20-minute oral presentation or a poster. Come share your research with the friendliest faces in paleontology and advance your science, enrich your career, and extend your network at CalPaleo 2011 at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA, on 14-15 May 2011.

Please contact us if you have questions about your abstract submission. We are here to help! E-mail us with your questions at CalPaleo@PaleoResource.com or call us toll free at 888-887-9745.

Keynote Speaker – Our keynote speaker for CalPaleo 2011 will be Dr. Dale Russell, PhD, who will share with us his thoughts on the possible existence of a paleontological record of life on other planets in our Solar System. In his talk, Dr. Russell will suggest that the history of life on Earth can be taken as a general guide to the possible history of life on other planets. Dr. Russell is a native California , born in San Francisco and a graduate of UC Berkeley, but spent most of his career with the Canadian Museum of Nature. He was among the first paleontologists to consider an extraterrestrial cause for the extinction of the dinosaurs at the K/T boundary, but may be best known for his controversial “thought experiment” about the possible evolution of an “intelligent dinosaur” (the human-like dinosauroid “Smartasaurus”) if they hadn't been wiped out by a global catastrophe. He is now retired and lives in Elk Grove south of Sacramento , where he is still engrossed with the place of dinosaurs in the history of life.

And, now for the usual “boiler plate” information. If you have already pre-registered, voted on the CalPaleo logo, and made plans for lodging during the meeting, you can pretty much skip the remainder of this announcement.

CalPaleo 2011 will be held May 14-15 at Sierra College, located in the delightful City of Rocklin – in the foothills of the Sierras, just 20 minutes east of Sacramento right off I-80. Rocklin is the perfect place to plan a mini-vacation around the CalPaleo 2011 meeting with plenty of things for paleontologists and geologists to do! The place wasn’t named “ Rockland ” for no reason! But you’ll learn all about that on the field trip on Sunday. There's great fishing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering in the area. Oh! Did we forget to say that the Sierras have so much snow, there will still be skiing and snowboarding in May. Believe it!

Registration Fee Reduced to only $10.00 –Thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous individual, the registration fee for CalPaleo 2011 has been reduced from the originally announced $20.00 to only $10.00. And this includes a full breakfast and lunch? Who says there’s no such a thing as a free lunch? The Sunday fieldtrip will cost you an additional $25.00. To encourage you to get your registration forms in early – after all we have to know how many breakfasts and lunches to order – registrations postmarked later than 23 April 2011 and registrations at the meeting will cost you the original fee of $20.00. Late registrations for the Sunday fieldtrip will increase to $35.00 after 23 April 2011 and at the meeting.

Only one (1) day left to register at the reduced rates.

The CalPaleo registration form is attached AGAIN both as a Word and a PDF file. If you choose to use the Word file, open it, fill it out on-line, print it, and return it with your check via snail mail to CalPaleo at the address on the bottom of the registration form. If you prefer to use the PDF file instead, open it, print it, fill it out by hand [If you still remember how to do that!], and return it with your check to CalPaleo at the address on the bottom of the registration form. WARNING -- Attendance at oral presentations is limited to the first 100 registrants due to occupancy limitations in the meeting room. Field-trip enrollment is limited to only 25 – the number of seats on the bus. So, get your registration in early. First come, first served. All individuals attending the meeting, including presenters of papers and posters, are required to register. That means è you! Name tags will be checked at the door. Persons attempting to enter without a name tag will be required to either pass through our full-body scanner with images publically visible or be “patted down”. Naturally the choice is ours!

Fieldtrip Plans – On Sunday 15 May, following the CalPaleo presentations on Saturday and your restful Saturday night in Rocklin, Sierra College Professor Dick Hilton (author of the book Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California) will be leading an informal fieldtrip from Sierra College up to Donner Pass. Some of us are still calling it – “From the Pliocene, back to the Pleistocene”. During this excursion, (snow permitting) we will examine outcrops that have in the past produced Jurassic invertebrates (Sorry – no Jurassic dinosaurs!), Eocene wood and leaves, and Miocene leaves and pollen. Plus we will see classic Sierra Nevada geology, Mesozoic low-grade metamorphics (grunge rocks!), Cretaceous granites with abundant xenoliths (undocumented aliens), Paleozoic roof pendants, Tertiary auriferous gravels (Bring your gold pan!), volcaniclastic sediments (tuffs and breccias), and Quaternary alluvium (You know – Qal!). Both the Tertiary and Quaternary deposits have produced vertebrate fossils elsewhere, but so far not in the outcrops we will examine. Maybe you’ll be the first to find them!

Still Time to Make Housing Reservations – As we said in repeatedly, there are both inexpensive motels and a four-star hotel within walking distance of the Sierra College campus. Here’s a list for those of you who don’t want to use Expedia.com:
Heritage Inn Express -- regular room $49.99 + tax 916-632-3366
Howard Johnson Inn & Suites -- regular room $69.95 + tax; suite $159.95 + tax 916-624-4500
Days Inn -- regular room $50.00 + tax 916-632-0101
Rocklin Park Hotel (««««) -- regular room $99.00 + tax 916-630-9400

In addition, KOA-type camping is available less than one mile from the campus, at Folsom Lake only 10 miles southeast of campus, and at Auburn 12 miles northeast of campus. Google “camping Rocklin California ” for details. Wherever you plan to stay, it’s time to make your reservations.

We hope to see you all at CalPaleo 2011 at Sierra College in Rocklin Saturday 14 May 2011.
We hope to receive your CalPaleo 2011 abstract(s) before midnight Saturday 23 April 2011.
We hope to receive your CalPaleo 2011 registration forms with payment postmarked no later than Saturday 23 April 2011.

Maps & Directions

Rocklin Campus map - click to enlarge

From Sacramento on I-80
  • Travel Interstate 80 east towards Reno.Map to Rocklin Campus
  • Take the Rocklin Road exit
  • Turn right onto Rocklin Road and follow the signs.
  • Sierra College is approximately ½ mile ahead on the left.
From Highway 50
  • Travel Highway 50 east towards Tahoe.
  • Take the Hazel Avenue exit and proceed north approximately 10 miles.
  • Hazel Avenue will change into Sierra College Boulevard at Douglas Boulevard.
  • Proceed on Sierra College to Rocklin Road.
  • Turn left onto Rocklin Road.
  • Sierra College will be immediately on your right.


2011 Program

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Dr. Dale Russell, PhD

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