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About Us

Welcome to PaleoResource Consultants

PaleoResource Consultants  (PRC) is a dedicated professional mitigation paleontologists with over 75 years of combined experience doing professional paleontological resource impact assessments and monitoring and mitigation programs on large earth-moving projects. This year  -  2018  -  marks our 36th year in business.

We understand state and federal environmental laws and regulations pertaining to paleontological resource impact assessments and paleontological resource and mitigation programs for more than 60 large earth-moving projects.

We understand state and federal the relationship between geology, stratigraphy, and paleontological resources. In addition to being professional paleontologists, we are licensed/registered professional geologists. We have been in the geological/paleontological consulting business over 25 years and have been doing professional paleontological resource impact assessments since 1982. 

Firm Biography

PaleoResource Consultants' present company. F & F GeoResource Associates Inc.  (F & F), was the first incorporated in 1982 in the state of Washington  by the principals Dr. Lanny H. Fisk, PhD, and Dr. William J. Fritz, PhD. When Dr. Fisk moved to Bend in 1999, F & F  was reincorporated in Oregon, and when Dr. Fisk moved to Sacramento in 1987, F & F was reincorporated in California. Dr. Fritz is now a geology professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta and no longer directly involved in business operations.

From its first humble beginnings in Washington 36 years ago, F & F has been involved in paleontology. The company's very first consulting contracts were with Amoco Oil Company and involved with the application of paleontology to oil and gas exploration. Later contracts involved the use of paleontology in coal exploration and mining, in gold mining, and since 1989 primarily in environmental mitigation. 

When F & F was reincorporated in California in 1989, the company's two primary businesses  -  geological and paleontological consulting  -  were formally separated by registering PaleoResource Consultants as a "dba" (doing business as) company and wholly owned subsidiary of F & F.

About our Services

At PaleoResorce Consultants, we offer a full-range of paleontological services to provide our clients with professional advice and solutions to help meet the increasing requirements for the protection of paleontological resources nationwide.

Paleontological Services Offered

- Paleontological field surveys and impact resource assessments prior to development (highways, power plants, pipelines, electrical transmission lines and landfills)

- Paleontological monitoring of large construction projects (e.g., power plant construction, freeway construction and modification, municipal utility trenching, housing development, and landfill construction)

-Salvage collection of invertebrate, vertibrate, and plant fossils, including microinvertabrate fossils and microfossils (e.g., pollen, spores, and diatoms)

About Our Staff

Dr. Lanny H. Fisk, PhD, PG (Chairman of the Board/ Principal Paleontologist)

Dr. Fisk has over 35 years of experience as a professional geologist/paleontologist and 36 years as a paleontologist consultant doing paleontological resource impact assessments and surveys, preparing CEQA and NEPA environmental documents and mitigation measures, managing environmental compliance monitoring programs, and coordinating and consulting with the city, county, state, and federal reosurce agenciesto resolve environmental concerns regarding paleontological resources. He has supervised paleontological resource impact mitigation programs requiring monitoring of major earth-moving projects, recovery and collection of fossil remains and fossiliferous rock samples, supervision of field personnel, and preparation of projects and final reports. These projects involved extensive coordination and consultation with project sponsors, and other consulting firms, and permitting agencies; adherence to strict delivery schedules; and completion within specified budget limits. 

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